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The round becomes the square

Chop, chop, chop, 120 beats per minute, a hefty noise and flickering lights, but by no means a techno party: the beat is provided by automatic welding grid machines, short-circuit currents provide the "lightshow". Every half second, transverse and longitudinal wires are welded together to form a complete industrial mesh, or in other words, wire is processed with high-tech in Wegberg in the Lower Rhine region.

Wire. Our primary material.

We mainly process round wires made of steel and stainless steel in the diameter range Ø2.0 to Ø10.0 mm. However, flat wires with rectangular or square cross-sections are also used in our company. We even weld profiles, sheets or 3-dimensional (wire) bent parts in-house to form wire mesh constructions or entire component groups. Every year, we produce a total of approx. 6,500 to. of primary material (roughly equivalent to a lorry load of 25 tonnes per day) that we form in this way in Wegberg for the European market.

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