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Standard mesh panels
KaLi-Mesh + KaLi-Nox

At any time from stock – the right mesh for your demand!

  • Smooth, drawn steel or stainless steel wires are used to produce welded wire mesh. They are permanently and rigidly joined at the crossover points at precise right angles by means of electrical resistance spot welding.

    These fixed nodes give the wire mesh its extraordinarily high stability and proven inherent stiffness. The large number of weld points results in a uniform distribution of forces. Depending on the mesh size and wire diameter, practically any desired wire mesh can be produced in fixed dimensions of up to about 6.0 x 2.3 m (20 x 7.5 feet). Nevertheless, typical combinations of mesh sizes and wire diameters have become “Standards”.

  • Welded wire mesh out of stainless steel (AISI 304) we store in various dimensions as well. Our stock range KaLi-Nox gives you an initial impression of shortest availability for your need; of course the order of single quantities is possible at any time as well.

    Please note that we ship our stainless steel mesh only in entirely untreated condition (not pickled/blasted, not degreased etc.); therefore a treatment of the surface after installation/further processing of the mesh is usually necessary.

  • Our range of warehouse stock Standards KaLi-Mesh offers best solutions for a lot of different application. All standard panels are designed with open edges (over-hangs); different panel sizes minimalize your clippings. Delivery is 100% based on your need – we ship bundles of pallets as well as single items.

    All our steel blank panels out of our Standard KaLi-Mesh stock are are suitable for further hot-dip galvanization; of course we additionally offer this service directly at first hand.


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