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Fence systems

When fence systems have to provide optimum security, the high stability and longevity of K&L double-wire panel fencing make it the ideal choice.

Wherever conventional fencing mesh from a roll cannot be used, our K&L double-wire panel fencing offers an economical alternative: spot-welded, galvanized double-wire mesh panels offer tremendous stability versus malicious or unintentional damage while delivering extremely long service life and requiring only an absolute minimum of maintenance at the same time.

As a system supplier, we provide the matching posts, fastening hardware, gates or complete gate assemblies. Our fences are available in many different heights and a wide range of colors. This guarantees you plenty of latitude to address your particular requirements and needs.

Our range includes all elements required for assembly. As a system supplier, we configure a complete solution for you exactly according to your specifications.

Technical data:

Vertical wire:
5.0 mm or 6.0 mm (0.18 in. or 0.24 in.)
Horizontal wire:
8.0 d or 6.0 d (as a pair running in parallel)
Panel height:
630 mm to 2,430 mm (24.8 in. to 95.7 in.)

Panel length:
2,510 mm (98.8 in.)
Grid spacing:
W / H = 50 mm / 200 mm (2 in. / 8 in.) or 100 mm / 200 mm (4 in. / 8 in.)
Wire protrusion:
30 mm (1.18 in.) at the top edge

galvanized or galvanized and coated RAL 6005 moss green, RAL 7030 grey, RAL white, special colors on request
Special finish:
sharpening of the protruding tips + bending of the mesh

Pale systems

Wire mesh dimensions

Pale system with
cover strip

Pale system with
connection bracket

Pale system with

Double-Wire mesh:
50 x 200 mm (2 x 8 in.)

Double-Wire mesh:
100 x 200 mm (4 x 8 in.)


Aluminum cover cap

Corner bracket

Starter bracket

Plastic socket

Connection bracket


Mesh connector

Steel wire mesh clamp

Plastic cover cap

Portable fencing

Portable fencing elements from K&L are ideal as temporary barriers.

They are easy to install and remove and can be used over and over again. K&L portable fencing elements are exceptionally well suited for safe and inexpensive temporary separation, e.g. at construction sites, music festivals, exhibitions or sporting events. Their circumferential tubular frame means that the portable fencing elements from K&L have one of the most robust designs available on the market. The elements are joined together by means of galvanized brackets (bolt / nut), which are included.

The fence system is installed by simply inserting the portable fencing elements into the feet made of concrete or recycled plastic material. The feet feature convenient handles and six insertion holes. This makes it possible to center or offset them to minimize encroachment on traffic space. The fencing system can be opened simply by swinging the elements out. For smaller openings, a wicket gate secured by a chain or similar means can be useful.

Simply insert them into the feet made of concrete or recycled plastic to create a stable fence system in no time.

Wicket gates can be integrated without any trouble. With just a few standard elements, temporary barriers can be installed quickly to meet many needs.

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